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Finance Club

Learn in-depth how to invest, manage your portfolio, be a part of live interactive analysis sessions, and be a part of India's youngest and fastest growing investors community.

What will you learn?

Learn how to manage your assets and liabilities
Apply fundamental and technical analysis to pick the best possible investments
Learn how to trade and build an optimum portfolio
Develop the psychology and discipline for trading and investing
Learn the secrets of the industry and how to scale the markets using them
Weekly live Master Classes
Live stock analysis sessions
Extensive project library
Access to exclusive resources
Hands on learning

About Club Sessions

Join Club Whatsapp group to stay updated about club happenings. All the sessions take place on Zoom and reminders will be sent on the WhatsApp group.

Master Classes

Turn on your cameras and join students from across India towards crushing goals together. Learn, practice and work on projects together

Every Saturday, 4 - 5 P.M.
(Reminders will be sent on the whatsapp group)

Live Trading Sessions

Sessions will comprise of working together as a community towards discussing market factors, analysing and identifying opportunities for the succeeding trading week

Every Sunday, 4 - 5 P.M.
(Reminders will be sent on the whatsapp group)

Why members us

Sripradha Mukundan
Was awestruck by the simple explanation of stock market, and gearing it towards beginners was well appreciated. Super amped to join further masterclasses and get into these topics in depth.
Allan Almeida
I attended the session for the finance club and it was extremely good. All the future events of the club were clearly explained and it was really helpful!
I was really intrigued by the masterclass and look forward to learning more. You put paper trading in a completely new light for me. I’m really glad I joined the session.
Mahir Rohatgi
I loved the session on, “reliance vs vodafone”! It went into detail about how the big financial services control the stock market and how modern startups operate using data. It was enlightening and I look forward to more sessions!

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