Open Mic Club

A safe space for your inner musician, comedian, storyteller, poet or any other art form where you can connect with like-minded people.

Why should you join?

Take a artsy break

Take an artsy break

Take a break from your daily college/work routine.

Showcase your work

Showcase your work

Showcase your work in a safe space

Perform for live audience

Perform for live audience

Perform for live audience during open mic sessions.

Network & Collaborate

Network & Collaborate

Network, collaborate, hangout with like-minded people.

Want to perform?

Just fill the short form below and, we'll get in touch with you.

About our Sessions

Join Club Whatsapp group to stay updated about club happenings. All the sessions take place on Discord and the links to the sessions will be sent on the WhatsApp group.

Open Mic

Open Mic

Perform or listen to live music, comedy, poetry, story telling, open mic and so much more

First and third Saturday of the month, 9 P.M.



Connect, collaborate, learn, play and hangout with like-minded people

Fourth Saturday of the month, 9 P.M.

Still confused?

1. How do I keep myself updated of club happenings?
Join our Club WhatsApp group and discord to keep yourself updated.
2. How can I perform for Open Mic?
Google forms will be sent on WhatsApp club group and Discord 2 days prior.
3. What if I miss one of the sessions?
It's totally fine since all sessions are independent.
4. Where will the sessions happen?
These sessions happen on Discord. Don't miss a session, join the WhatsApp club group.
5. What is the cost?
It's totally free. Have fun :)

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