Study Streak Club

With exams season coming in are you unable to focus? This club exactly what every student needs to get that extra bit of motivation.

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Has procrastination become a second nature?


Join us for a transformative 21 day journey!

  • Make sure to turn on your videos and stay accountable for your goals. Seeing your squadmates study with you should give you the added motivation you need!
  • Complete the challenges to earn exciting awards!
  • Share your daily efforts and progress with the community on your socials, and don’t forget to tag us!

Why should you join?

Take a artsy break

Make a Habit

“It takes 21 days to develop a habit”. Stick with us and form consistent study habits in a supportive environment.

Showcase your work

Learn in a collaborative Environment

Liven up your study sessions, encourage each other, eliminate procrastination and reach your academic goals together.

Perform for live audience

Productivity Guidance

Learn effective strategies that will help you double down on your productivity .

Network & Collaborate

Productivity Boosting sessions

Learn to focus on the right things and overcome attention deficit with our mindfulness sessions!

About our Sessions

Join Club Whatsapp group to stay updated about club happenings. All the sessions take place on Discord/Zoom and reminders will be sent on the WhatsApp group.

Open Mic

21 day Challenge

Turn on your cameras, and join students from across crushing their goals together. Code, study, work on projects and come chill!


Everyday, 6 - 11 P.M.



(Reminders will be sent on the whatsapp group)


Productivity Booster

Sessions ranging from guided meditations to specially curated talks by guest speakers with tips to ensure peak productivity.


Every Tuesday, 6 P.M.



(Reminders will be sent on the whatsapp group)

Still confused?

1. Why should I study in a video call?
Turning on your video always help in maintaining attention, overcoming productivity deficit, not give in to distractions and remain productive. It keeps the session engaging and seeing your squadmates study with you should give you the added motivation you need!
2. Where will the sessions be held?
Study sessions will be held on discord, whereas productivity boosting sessions will be held on zoom.
3. Where will I get updates?
We'll be sending out daily reminders and session links on our club discord channel, WhatsApp group
4. What are productivity boosting sessions?
Attend guest sessions and participate in meditation exercises that help boost your productivity, positivity and pinpoint your focus on things that matter!
5. What are the timings?
Productivity boosting sessions will be taking place at 6pm every Tuesday! Whereas for the 21 day study challenge, try coming in everyday between 6 and 11pm, in order to keep your streak up, but feel free to drop in before and after as well!
6. What happens if you miss a productivity boosting session?
It's absolutely fine! All the sessions are recorded and will be provided to you if needed.
7. What is the cost?
It's totally free! Have fun :)

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