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Study Streak Club

Eliminate procastination and build a productive study habit with other study buddies by being part of Study Streak club

About the club!

Study streak club is the place, if like us you’re addicted to being productive, have competitive exams coming up that you want to ace or want to be held accountable and kill your goals for the day. From Pomodoro timers, to lofi music to regular insights to a brimming community and so much more!
Get points for simply studying and being productive on our server, maintain a personalised streak, top the leaderboard and stand a chance to win exciting prizes!
We have all the tools you need to become a Productivity Ninja. So what are you waiting for?
Study together with club members in a video call.
Track your daily, weekly, monthly study analytics.
Study Streak Live Leaderboard
Pomodoro timers for productivity boost!
Set daily goals and learnings to stay accountable
Exciting and Surprising rewards
Reminder and Insights in your inbox

How our sessions take place

Sessions will go on for 24 hrs for a week, join in any of the four study/work VCs to stay productive.
You can check your personalized streak on the study chat and live leaderboard to see where you stand out! because life is all about competition.
Live leaderboard will help you keep being motivated to carry out the task for the day.

Why members us

Mahaprasad Mohanty
Studying doesn't have to be a lonely activity. The study streak club was a great example of that. Studying with friends gives the motivation that nothing else can.
Kushagra Aggarwal
BlueLearn's study streak club has really improved my focus and increased my study hours from the previous days when I used to procrastinate a lot and was not able to focus on exams and other stuff.
Shravani Tembare
At BlueLearn study streak club, I study with online friends and get things done. Here the Pomodoro sessions have help me a lot. Also, the lead board and stats keep me going in order to maintain my streak and position.
Shubham Yadav
The study streak club helped me a lot to be productive and stay motivated throughout the day as there is always someone to study with you, and I learned a lot of new things which I used to procrastinate to learn earlier.

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