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SEPT 23 | 7.30PM

Learn YouTube growth with Jaydeep Dholakia

SEPT 24 | 7.30PM

Learn film making with Sankho Kun

SEPT 27 | 7.30PM

Learn video editing with Akash Majumder + Videothon begins

SEPT 30 | 11:59PM

Videothon ends

OCT 2 | 7:00PM

Results announcement (Top 25 entries )

OCT 3 | 7:00PM

Results announcement (Top 10 entries)

Learn video editing from the best video creators LIVE 🔴

Akash Majumder

147K subscribers on YouTube

Media Producer & Public Speaker

Sankho Kun

124k Subscribers on YouTube

Film Maker & Video Creator

Jaydeep Dholakia

Channel Producer

Video editor @HonestlybyTanmayBhat

Expert 🤝 Newbie

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Win ₹10,000💸 cash prize on becoming the winner

Top 10 entries

Stand a chance to get hired by Akash Majumder, Sankho Kun, Jaydeep Dholakia + the best startups of the country!


Top 25 entries

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Competition brief 

Create a brand awareness film for bluelearn using the footage provided* to you. You can also use bluelearn footage, images, and articles you find on the internet! 

The entries will be judged on the basis of storytelling, creativity, and technical video editing skills.

Steps to participate

  1. Step 1: Register for the videothon on either web or app 
  2. Step 2: Check and explore the given footage*
  3. Step 3: Create your video from the given footage
  4. Step 4: Upload your entry as a submission to the bluelearn Videothon Project 

*Footage will be provided on this page and on the project on the first day of the videothon, i.e 27th September, 7PM.

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Participation rules

  1. 1. Participants can create the video in landscape or portrait mode.
  2. 2. Video must be less than 90 seconds in duration.
  3. 3. Content must be suitable for all audiences and not have any NSFW material
  4. 4. The video can be in any language (provided English subtitles are added to it). If the video is in English, subtitles are not required. 
  5. 5. Participants can use any editing technique like VFX, animation, sound effects, transitions, etc.
  6. 6. Each participant can submit only one video entry.
  7. 7. Footage other than the provided footage can also be used in limited capacity.

📹Ready, set, edit!

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