Wall of Love

Look what our community members have in mind about us. People are getting freelance opportunities, internships, startup cofounders, and whatnot! Our community members ❤️ us.

I’ve been part of the community for one year and the way you all arrange skilloriented seminars and amazing events is amazing. Learned many skills and got exposure to the outer world.

Atharva Kanse

Bluelearn has added great value in improving my communication skills. Their English VC is a great way to improve one’s speaking skills :)

Shaurya Tuli

Bluelearn is really a lovely community. I’ve learned many skills and networked with many people because of the community. Keep up the good work.

Ashish Thomas

Had a live Instagram session with Shreya Pattar, Harish Uthayakumar and Shreyans Sancheti. It was an illuminating session. I learnt a lot. I wish to attend many more sessions in the future.

Meghana Kanithi

BL server gives amazing experience, the system for studying/working is very impressive. You can actually get some work done there! Thank you Harish and team for building this community.

Pooja Sanwal

We can ask about anything to experts in BL club meets. I asked my doubt about startups to Shreyans and he answered it so firmly. Glad to be a part of the bluelearn community.

Vrishank Raj

Learned a lot in the pitch tank event by Bluelearn. We presented our idea in front of everyone and secured 1st position. Had a great time in the competition.

Karthik Nagapuri

At bluelearn I learnt how to be consistent and how to interact with others. I also learnt various things related to freelancing.

Purnima Borana

I met CTO for my startup in this community. He’s still working with us. Couldn’t ask for a better person. Network on the BL Community, if done right, you can find a motivated team there.

Ayush Mittal

We got our first lead through bluelearn! Right after my pitch in the bluelearn pitch tank competition, I got my first lead. Thanks a lot for this crazy community you guys have built.

Mehul Kapadia

Got my personalized NFT from Bluelearn! Thank you soo much for Web3 week and helping me get into NFTs and Blockchain. I have started my own NFT Collection now.

Shashank S

I always wanted to learn UI design but due to a lack of motivation, I was constantly procrastinating. But thanks to the team Bluelearn for organising this Designathon event where we had to form a team and solve a problem with our design skills.

Sneha Biswas

BL server gives amazing experience, the system for studying/working is very impressive. You can actually get some work done there! Thank you Harish and team for building this community.

Pooja Sanwal

It was a great experience to be a part of ideathon conducted by Bluelearn. We gained a good amount of knowledge about blockchain. Thankful to Bluelearn for conducting such events.

Hasita Meka

I want to thank team Bluelearn for building such an amazing community for Quizzing. It ensures excitement and fun interactions. Its a great community to be a part of and I'm really looking forward to the various events planned for 2022.

Bhanu Sutha M

There's an event called Open Mic in Bluelearn where opportunity is given for you to show any talent. Kalakar ko stage de rhe hai ye log. It wasn't the case a few years back. Great work!

Sumersingh K Rajpurohit

It's a great session of Coding Meetup with Bluelearn 's Teach Team. Very knowledgeable and Informative Meetup. Thanks to Bluelearn for organized this type of session.

Sajan Pande

Was awestruck by the simple explanation of stock market, and gearing it towards beginners was well appreciated. Super amped to join further masterclasses and get into these topics in depth.

Sripradha Mukundan

I attended the session for the finance club and it was extremely good. All the future events of the club were clearly explained and it was really helpful!

Allan Almeida

I was really intrigued by the masterclass and look forward to learning more. You put paper trading in a completely new light for me. I’m really glad I joined the session.


I loved the session on, “reliance vs vodafone”! It went into detail about how the big financial services control the stock market and how modern startups operate using data. It was enlightening and I look forward to more sessions!

Mahir Rohatgi

Studying doesn't have to be a lonely activity. The study streak club was a great example of that. Studying with friends gives the motivation that nothing else can.

Mahaprasad Mohanty

Feels amazing to be a part of such a wholesome, competitive community! The quiz contests spanning numerous themes have been well organised and curated! Looking forward to take part in future contests!


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